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Career At SA

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SA group employee- Mr Varinder Kumar

Mr. Varinder Kumar

Assistant Vice President (Cargo)

Mr. Varinder Kumar– Assistant Vice President (Cargo), Completed 19 years with SA. In August’2019.

Here are some experiences shared by him-19 year… oh my god… I am still wondering on the achievement being achieved by myself during my tenure with our S.A. FAMILY. Needless to say amazing journey which started with approx 40-50 ton of the cargo month per to 1200-1300 ton per month and still looking ahead to cross as much as milestone we can, still not satisfied, still a lot of things to be done/learn under the guidance and support of each member of this family. Perfect working atmosphere to work at till now. Wish all the best to everybody in the organization.

SA Group employee-Mr Imran Hussain

Mr. Imran Hussain

General Manager (Accounts)

Mr. Imran Hussain- General Manager (Accounts), Completed 17 years with SA. In October’18

Here are some experiences shared by him- I am heartiest thankful to Management who has given me opportunity to work with SA GROUP. 18 years with SA GROUP has a great time of learning and growing, experience is really tremendous an full learning from senior & colleagues. Every person whom I deal on regularly very supportive all the time. I would like to thanks all my colleagues who support me in beautiful journey.

SA Group employee-Mr T.C. Charly

Mr. T.C. Charly

Branch Manager-Cochin

Mr. T.C. Charly–Branch Manager-Cochin– completed 13years with SA. In June’19

Here are some experiences shared by him- I feel very proud and honored to be associated with SA during the last 11 years. SA has given me ample opportunities and space to grow up along with the organisation. The management and the senior colleagues are very professional, effective and supportive towards the professional and career development of its employees. The most important factor that has made SA the most desirable place to work with is that the top management has given the employees the space to take part in the decision-making there by creating a sense of ownership and belongingness to the organisation, in the minds of its staff. It is indeed great to be working with SA.

SA Group employee-Mr S.K. Lal

Mr. S.K. Lall

Admin Head

Mr. S.K. Lall –Admin Head – completed 12 years with SA. In May’16

Here are some experiences shared by him-… I am sharing my journey of 9 years completion in the company. I have joined the company on 1st May 2007 and there was staff of 28 persons, gradually company has grown up with the sincere and hard worker and now the strength has been increased. It is great achievement. I can say it is a great place to work with a very cool working environment & friendly people who are willing to share their ideas. Moreover important thing is that I would like to appreciate about Values of Women in workplace. We have women employees with different departments & in Human Resource, which is commendable. We are always looking a step ahead & moving through a change & we have a strong senior leadership team that support employees in everyway. Staff is increasing & company is progressing widely. I too appreciate the team spirit, A very friendly & homely atmosphere add to its beauty. I have been helped & being respected by each & everyone. Company’s appreciation boosts me up, As the saying fits here : “As the king so the subjects are”.

SA Group employee-Ms Indu Rampal

Ms. Indu Rampal

Manager-Air freight

Ms. Indu Rampal –Manager-Air freight– completed 9 years with SA. In May’16.

Here are some experiences shared by her- My journey with S.A is very nice and cheerful experience for me. It is my pleasure to re-work with S.A Team, as earlier I had to left my job in 2007 due to some personal reasons but I always thought if I would get a chance to work again I would be very happy and prefer to work with this organization. Time has changed from that time to the present scenario, I have learnt a lot from these past six years. I must say each and every person in this company is very supportive and hard working, I take this opportunity to thank all of them for same. The chairman and MD of the company are very very helpful, supporting, Loving & caring. My best wishes are always with everyone & I always pray for the progress of the company. A verse says “If God be with us no one can against us.” On the whole, I feel immense pleasure in working with the company.

SA Group employee-Mr Faisal Hussain

Mr. Faisal Hussain

Director-Air Freight

Mr. Faisal Hussain– Director-Air Freight, Completed 8 years with SA. In July’19

Here are some experiences shared by him- Well, it was best period of my life indeed. I have learnt a lot in this period working with SA. Since the beginning i was quite confident that i may perform good under leadership of icon of the trade ( Asaf Ali sir). Yes its true coz when after i joined here, sir called me in his cabin and taught me certain things which i am still following religiously. Moreover, i got a wonderful team to work with which made me more confident and kept me going. I am very very thank full to all team members for their support and cooperation. I wish and hope sky is the limit for me working here with a wonderful team.

SA Group employee-Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo

Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo

Manager (Sales)

Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo- Manager (Sales), Completed 7 years with SA. In October’16

Here are some experiences shared by him- It’s been a great pleasure working here as its the best place to work, love the atmosphere and people I was involved with. It is encouraging and also satisfying to see that the company recognizes your efforts. I got lot of opportunities to learn new things and also got to voice my opinion, thoughts and feedback so openly. It helped create an environment where I felt so deeply connected with my work that there is a strong emotional bond. In this tenure I have learnt many things and improved my skills as I was from the airlines background and had limited knowledge of the freight forwarding industry. The management was very supportive and encouraging. They helped at many times overcome the challenges faced during the job.