Empowering people, improving survival 

We believe that companies that can do more, should. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is just not a duty for us, it is our passion and commitment for building a better world. We, at S.A Consultants and Forwarders Pvt Ltd, donate 10% of our income in CSR activities.  

At SACFPL, we are committed to actively address social, cultural and environmental issues. Our focus areas of interventions for CSR initiatives include education, health and human services. We sincerely empower girl and young women through education. 

Every penny spend in charity should contribute towards the progress of the nation which depends upon the progress of an individual. 

An effort to make small difference: We have donated clothes, food and stationery to the destitute.


An effort to bridge the digital divide: We have donated few computers to the deprived.

Creating a world where environment doesn’t need protection