Airfreight for small and high-value goods is fast becoming the preferred mode of transport. It is therefore imperative for everyone to look for a company that offers secure and timely services. The SA Group of Companies has established itself as the leading brand for airfreight services. We provide you with incomparable levels of assurance and convenience.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our Airfreight services:

  • Prompt follow-up

  • Online tracking of shipment

  • Pre-alerts regarding cargo deliveries

  • Prior information regarding change of flights and schedules

  • No lift restrictions

  • Confirmed space booking on airlines for regular cargo moving

  • Allowance to create and negotiate special rates with airlines

  • Tailor-made packages for your forwarding needs

  • The network of offices to organize and logistics movement within India

  • Consolidation services for cargo at our own facility

  • Door to door facilities to relieve you and the consignee from shipment worries



We provide convenient transport of cargo through sea freight all across the world. Our team and global associates work together on the philosophy that client comfort is the prime focus of a business. You can always rely upon us for safe and timely delivery of your goods. We offer weekly-consolidated sailing to the major ports in Europe, Far East, Canada and USA. Our booking procedures and cargo transport are simple and guided.

We offer one stop shop by also arranging collection and management of shipping documentation. There is always an emphasis on optimum management of routing and transit time. We provide easy door-to-door services with a global reach. You can choose from our flexible sea freight service packages. We provide multiple global sailings per week to add to the flexibility factor. You have the freedom to select the carriers you prefer. Add to that the cost effective packages and you have go yourself perfect sea freight source.


Flexible and efficient transport from and to port our team of logistics professionals will give you a multitude of service solutions to meet all your inland transport needs. Our extensive inland transport services include multiple modes of transport, an extensive network of transport providers, timely pick-up and delivery, time-saving and cost-effective single point of contact.



Warehousing is much more than storage of goods in a safe place. We have understood the intricacies of warehousing by our own experience in the trade of freight forwarding. By offering dedicated warehousing and packaging services we wish to extend our knowledge and experience to provide you with the right solutions from your first experience itself.



Many growing companies need to export and import cargo. Their choice of associate company is a critical business decision for them. The company must provide a cost-effective and reliable service. We understand this need, work towards it, and therefore deliver the right solutions. At S.A. Group of Companies, we are motivated to provide a customer house agent to help you find the most suitable solutions to your requirements.

We have more than a decade of experience in services such as customs clearance of goods, documentation, etc. Our specialized customs brokers have the requisite skills to manage documents, calculate duties, taxes, excise duties and coordinate with exporters and importers.

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Experience counts when you come across complex projects and the transport of oversized and heavy-lifted cargo. Managing the supply chain for large-scale projects requires experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable personnel who are committed to researching all options, surveying, possible challenges, physical and non-physical obstacles and responding to exceptional situations with swift and decisive action. Our strategy is to break down project logistics and transport into key elements, and then to assign direct supervision to each of them.

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Our expert team of Logistics personnel is well trained to meet the requirements of Fairs & Exhibitions, with the experience of serving the automotive industry during Auto Expo & Exhibition participants from different countries to manage their logistics requirements.



We Provide Global Charter Services - our size, global infrastructure and experience in cargo chartering sets us apart from many of our competitors. We offer a full range of cargo aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages, to large freighters for outsize cargo. 


We provide door-to-door, door-to-port and port-to-door services to our customers. These services are convenient and meet the best of industry standards. The solutions we provide are inventory management, product warehousing, transport management, returns management, short and long-term storage of goods, etc. We also provide warehousing solutions for hazardous and dangerous goods.


We have our chain of offices and branches in all major cities of India. This chain enables us to manage our network easily. We also have a global reach and operate in most of the prominent countries.


Many of the goods move via air due to the fact, time is of the essence to ensure that meat, fish, and few other products have to reach their markets while they still offer better looks, efficiency and shelf life.

This demands for a perishable logistics expert to handle these situations and requirements.

We handle everything from transport to customs clearance formalities for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables etc and handing over to the specialized airlines for further carriage to their destined markets.



We provide safe and comfortable transportation for dogs, cats, and other approved animals to worldwide destinations on the approved airlines.

All live animal shipments are handled by trained professionals and in full compliance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations.