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Meet Our Team

We Get the Job Done Right

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Varinder Sharma

Vice President

Two decades in the company and Varinder Sharma continues to forge forward.

The exceptionally well professional environment and remarkable support from the management and colleague allows us to make a perfect balance between personal and professional life. My growth chart has been up to expectations, however still a long way ahead to achieve so many things professionally. 

I started my carrier with S.A. Consultants & Forwarders Pvt. Ltd. at very raw level; got many opportunities, starting from taking care of Accounts during initial period to developing business for the company. I still get a thrill while reminiscing those chilly nights when we used to sit late in office to complete the job related to pricing and accounting.


E Prasanth

Vice President – Sales & Network Development

We are big family in office with Watching Your Back attitude. The colleagues have been supportive and management listens to your views, suggestions and accordingly implement the same as well.

I have explored several new business opportunities here and started different verticals.

I would say this is a job that would keep you on your toes and always keep you learning. If you are in for adventure and fun, freight forwarding is a place to be.


Kushal Singh

Deputy Manager - Finance & Compliances

In SA Group we are fortunate enough to get great work culture and perfect work-life balance. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement at each level. I have learnt here that hard work really pays off. Our management has always been very supporting and recognizes and appreciates everyone’s efforts.

When I have joined the company, logistics was a totally new industry for me. But when I started working, I have realized, that’s exactly what I have always wanted in my life. Starting from the role of an Executive, I have progressed to Deputy Manager in last six years, my work has always been recognized and rewarded by Management. My journey at SA has been very gratifying and rewarding.


Nitin Kumar

Senior Manager – Air Freight

While sharing my work experience with SA, I would like to say one thing that I have got a chance to work with the ‘Best’ organization.

I joined this company straight after completing my school and got to learn every single thing here, be it industry knowledge, communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.

I feel proud to say that I have witnessed personal growth along with the growth in the organization.


Chandrika Pokhariya

Senior Executive – HR

The mantra of our organization is Learn ->Act -> Repeat, which means, we need to be innovative, and open to challenges. I consider myself fortunate enough to have working with such talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic managers. Here, we can freely collaborate ideas or advice. 

The employee benefits policies are very strong at our S.A Group; we have Beti Padao Policy in place, through which we support our junior level staff for the education of their girl child till graduation. Our Managing Director has introduced Shakti policy, keeping in mind the pandemic, when many of us lost our dear ones.  

The most important part is each employee is treated as family and the management here is very supportive and humble. Before joining S.A Group, I was only into IT Recruitment, but here in I have got a lot of opportunity to explore in compliances.

I also got a lot of exposure in CSR, where we support NGO’s and one of our main focuses is to educate girl child in slums for their personal hygiene. I get to learn new thing every other day and I am sure this is going to take me long ways.


Manoj Singh

Executive – Customer Service

I started my career with SA Group as a trainee. After doing a bachelor’s in pharmacy, logistics industry was totally new for me, but the management and colleagues supported me at each step. At this point of my journey, I am enjoying my work while learning new things every day.

One of the best things about our organization is they conduct training/awareness programmers on various topics on monthly basis which is very helpful and knowledge-gaining for the employees.

I am thankful to the organization to provide me this opportunity to work together.

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