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Dangerous Goods Transportation

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While shipping dangerous goods or hazardous materials, understanding the class where goods belong and what quantity limits apply helps in determining the required documentation, packaging and labelling as well as the right freight modes.

We handle all classes of DG shipments and put at your service the resources and expertise required to face the traditional logistics challenges and the requirements from the new mobility era.

Perishables Logistics

With us, freshness is in season throughout the year. We understand the value of time in the movement of perishable. From decades, our proficient team is ensuring that your perishable goods are delivered fresh and undamaged worldwide.

Our services include document preparation and customs formalities, prioritized space for perishable cargo on plane, as well as handing over to the specialized airlines for further carriage to their destined markets.  


Live Animals Logistics


We are one of the leading air freight forwarders in India dealing with the transportation of live animals.​

Our decade-long experienced team ensures the safe travel of your pet and animal during every flight by maintaining the safety protocols and animal welfare including all regulatory issues pertaining to transportation of live animals by air. The animals may be personal pets, sporting animals and agricultural animals for breeding purpose.  

We take the responsibility of live animals to be handled to the airlines in such a way that their welfare is top of mind by all parties involved and they always travel in safe and healthy conditions, eliminating any potential risk that could occur.

All live animal shipments are handled by trained professionals and in full compliance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations. IATA's Live Animals Regulations (LAR) is the worldwide standard for animals transportation

Pharmaceuticals Logistics

We are protecting the integrity of pharmaceuticals formulations with continuous monitoring and safe handling.

Transporting medicines is no easy task. The only thing to focus on concerning the supply chain of pharmaceuticals is ensuring that the delicate pharmaceuticals are handled with utmost care. That’s why we are here as your trusted partner for pharmaceuticals logistics!

For the air transportation of pharma and healthcare products, we have developed tailor-made solutions to ensure the safe journey of medical devices and medical equipment to places all over the world, even on a tight schedule. We protect the integrity of your products with continuous monitoring and safe handling which includes storage and distribution of registered medical devices and temperature monitored and controlled warehousing facility.

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